Our studio is primarily a space for us to develop and create our own work for commissions and exhibitions. However, we all share a passion for teaching and continuing on the traditions of various printmaking processes. Join us for an editioning project or on one of our courses or workshops that bring people together to experience the enigma of the printed mark. 


Who We Are

Theadora Ballantyne-Way

Theadora is a surrealist artist, specialising in photographic intaglio processes. Her work explores the transformation of the overlooked and the disregarded. Mundane utensils become monumental industrial components, megaliths on our surroundings. Probing at our sense of perception, she uses textures and antiquated processes of traditional printmaking to produce a false sense of legitimacy. Her works serve as a reminder that everything we see has been curated, distorted or manipulated in some way and that every image should be treated with at least a wry suspicion. She has an MA in Multi-disciplinary print has exhibited internationally and has recently been awarded a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship.



Virginia came to printmaking quite late in life, following a long career in education.  Her work is an exploration of the human experience of geometric form, combined with a focus on material and surface.  She is interested in how we are subconsciously affected by visual images and our perception of our visual environment.  Her source material is derived from architectural structures, such as the monumental and experimental Brutalist buildings of the mid 20th century.  In some works, Virginia pares down the geometric form to the absolute minimum, enabling a concentrated study of form.  In others, there is a closer reference to the source material.


Virginia is represented by Agora Contemporary.



Virginia Bridge