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Private Tuition

We are available for 1 to 1 teaching sessions (or 1-2, if you want to share the cost with a friend). Every session can be tailored to your needs and interests and will be planned in consultation with you, so that you get the most out of your time. We can also offer training for teachers, wishing to introduce printmaking into the classroom, with or without a press.


We are fully qualified and experienced teachers and can offer tuition in a variety of printmaking processes, including etching, photopolymer, drypoint, monoprinting and relief.


Theadora specialises in all aspects of the photopolymer gravure and photographic cyanotype processes. She has extensive experience of teaching in schools and colleges.


Virginia specialises in traditional etching. She has considerable experience of teaching in schools and of running in service training for teachers.

Session prices are £40 an hour. £110 for 3 hours and £200 for 6 hours.

To book a session or to request further information, please email us at

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